With every project, no matter how large or small, we’ll create a 3D visualisation. The main benefit is straightforward:

You get to see the structure in photorealistic detail before it’s built.

However, there are a whole host of other advantages to 3D visualisations.

Options at your fingertips

Once construction has started, it costs money to change your mind. With 3D rendering, you can explore a variety of options at the outset, without leaving the room.

With the flexibility of a 3D visualisation, you’re only a few clicks away from your perfect space. We can modify and iterate to get precisely what you want.

Accurate detail

3D visualisations deliver precision measurements – not only the width and height of a room, but also the dimensions of the interior detail, right down to the distance between each piece of furniture.

You can even rotate the image to `walk around’ the space, getting a direct visual of distances that would be hidden in a static 2-dimensional representation.


It gives you complete control over both natural and artificial lighting. We can create any ambience you like.

It could be the sunlight throughout the day in a loft conversion or house extension, or the lighting placement in a shop fit-out.

We can soften or brighten shadows, dim, brighten or move the light fittings, create intense summer sunlight or winter cloud. It’s entirely up to you.

Problem-solving from the get go

With the help of 3D architectural visualisation, we can spot potential issues at the design stage.

Catching problems at an early stage allows us to make modifications before they become an expensive, messy problem.

Cost, hassle and time saving

A high-quality, accurate 3D render brings a complex project together in a single stroke. It gives everyone involved in the project a singular, unified tool.

It aids communication, simplifies the workflow and reduces both the timeline and the cost of the project.