Whilst imagining the design, we’re already thinking about how it will be built.

With architectural project management, we turn the design into cost-effective build with minimal delays and upheaval.

Architectural design plus project management… the benefits

We’re there at the initial design stage so we understand your vision, preferences and needs better than anyone.

And we’ll have thought ahead.

Structural implications, building regulations, fire and safety regulations, contractor costs… All will have been considered at the design stage. Because we understand the process, your project won’t be derailed by expensive errors.

The practicalities

We’ll negotiate all contractor quotes, contracts and documentation on your behalf. That includes attending meetings with the local authority, booking building contractors and ensuring everything is in place before building work begins.

The whole process will be clearly documented from day one – what, where, when, how… and how much. Nobody likes surprises further down the line.

On site supervision

We work with a close-knit, trusted team of building surveyors and contractors, design and planning consultants.

We’ll supervise the on-site work, checking quality and keeping everything on track.

Communication is key. Everyone will be in the loop, including you, because we’ll provide updates as regularly as clockwork.