Case Study – Leisure Design

The Client

Rox Life Studio is a boutique fitness studio in central Hove. They’ve taken four key concepts that you’d find in larger gyms and specialised in them – cycling, strength training, yoga and boxing.

The Brief

Today, Rox Life Studio looks like a contemporary, state-of-the art fitness studio. Just over a year ago, it looked very different.

Jon is the owner of the studio.

It used to be a betting shop. Everything needed ripping out for a complete re-fit and change of use into a gym – changing rooms, studio, storage, reception area. To make the space work, every fixture and fitting had to be perfect.

The Process

Jaimie Blomqvist at Krona Design came in to meet with Jon and discuss ideas for the design. It wasn’t a huge space – just 1,200 square feet.

Everything had to be a specific size. Jaimie came in, measured up, gave us some proposed layouts and then gave the builders a detailed breakdown. It looked good, and he was also very knowledgeable about the legal aspects.
The change of use from a betting shop to a gym meant that the necessary applications, drawings and supporting documentation had to get to the local council in good time.

Jaimie was instrumental in getting the Change of Use and planning permissions from the council. They need full, accurate drawings and he turned those around really quickly for us.

With all building projects, we always make sure we’re on hand to manage any design amendments once the builders start working onsite.
During a build, there are always things you don’t envisage. Jaimie was invaluable because he came in straight away to give all the different drawings to the builders. He’s really efficient and it made things so much quicker.

He can relate to all the different skilled trades onsite and is really good at quickly building relationships with all these different guys.

The Result

Rox Life Studio was completed on time and has now been open for a year.

It’s a really high-quality fit-out. Everything flows. The way it’s laid out is very simple, not fussy or too intricate. We’ve made the most of a small space – every square foot is used to its maximum capacity.
Jon has asked us to come back to extend the fitness studio into the basement area.
We’re putting in a second studio downstairs, and Jaimie has advised us on the legal side of that. He explains everything in a very straightforward way. He’s very knowledgeable about every part of the project. It’s not just drawings and architecture – it’s everything.

I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He’s fair and transparent with pricing and he’s done exactly what he said he’d do… and at a great price.