Home renovation allows you to open up the space inside your house and breathe new life into it.

Your home will be customised to fit your lifestyle. It will have the same 4 walls, but with a completely new look and feel.

All the practicalities will be covered, right down to the final lick of paint – creative design ideas, planning regulations, energy efficiency and trustworthy contractors.

Home renovation design

Our architectural draftsman will come over and take a long, hard look at your living space.

Your property has potential. However, you won’t want to waste time and money on something that isn’t achievable.

Here’s what we’ll deliver on the day:

  • An honest appraisal of what’s possible… and what’s not.
  • Creative ideas and options for opening up the space to make it flow.
  • Expert advice on planning regulations.

3D visualisation

Home renovations can be difficult to visualise, so within 2-3 weeks of our visit you’ll get a 3D visualisation.

This gives you the complete picture – how one area flows into the next, the light throughout the day, different options for paint colours and floor finishes.

In short, you’ll see an accurate representation of how the finished space will look.

Renovation planning applications

We’ll make all planning applications for you. We have years of experience so this makes things simpler.

If the design is likely to raise questions with the council, we can deal with this too. We’ll put in a ‘soft application’, attend meetings on your behalf and come up with solutions that are guaranteed to get the green light.

Then we’ll get going on making that 3D visualisation a practical reality.

Building contractors and project management

We work with the most reputable professionals in the industry. Local surveyors, engineers, sustainable design consultants, building contractors…

You won’t have to spend hours on the internet looking for someone trustworthy and affordable. We know exactly what’s needed, when it’s needed, and the best people for the job.

Project management is included in the service, which means:

You’ll have a single point of contact throughout.


Everything will be in place at the right time, with no delays.

The project will be completed on time, and within budget.

Why make things complicated? We take a realistic, practical approach to deliver maximum space with minimal hassle.