Leisure Facilities DESIGN

It could be a restaurant, bar, hotel, gym or other leisure facility. We offer a full architectural drafting service that will get the doors open to customers as swiftly as possible.

We’ll come up with options for the space, then deliver accurate drawings.

And here’s the important thing…

Our design will be more than just a nice idea. It will be feasible – meticulously thought out, down to the detail.

By the time you receive the drawings, all the bases will be covered – planning applications, building regulations, fire regulations, disability access, energy efficiency, additional stair escapes… anything that may put an expensive spanner in the works.

You won’t have to make costly changes further down the line. We’ll have dealt with it ahead of time.

It’s about the space

Each project is different, but success boils down to one crucial thing:

The best use of all available space.

With leisure facilities, we’ll always look at the design from two angles – yours (the business) and the end user (your customer).

  • The business – The space will be designed for both form and function. One area will flow naturally into the next, with enough room to happily accommodate staff and equipment.
  • Your customers – What works for them? We’ll think about what they want, what they need, and what keeps them safe.

Time and cost-saving 3D models

A computer-generated 3D model will be provided at the design stage. It’s a fast, accurate way to see the finished space before any work is carried out.

It also saves time, wasted effort and costs.

All the technical details, including dimensions and geometrics, are available at your fingertips. It’s easily editable so any potential problems will be headed off at the pass, before they cost money to fix.

Everyone will be working from the same 3-D model, accelerating the workflow and making team co-operation easier.

Project management

At Krona Design we work with a close-knit team of building surveyors, planning consultants, engineers, sustainable design consultants and contractors.

We’re happy to manage the project from start to finish, providing a single point of contact and reliably regular communication throughout.

In short, we simplify the whole process. We’ll design it, manage it, get all the necessary certification and employ the best people for the job.