Office design

Working in an office has moved on. It’s no longer about sitting at an identikit desk grinding out the 9 to 5.

Office design should reflect this. An attractive work environment increases productivity, draws in the best talent and encourages that talent to stick with you.

If you’ve acquired the space, we can get the office up and running.

You could have a clear set of ideas or a blank sheet of paper. We can highlight potential then design, specify and install an office to suit any size or type of business.

From concept…

It’s all about space planning.

We’ll start with the practicalities – staff numbers, utilities, data, storage, power and lighting – and whether you’re after traditional, agile or collaborative ways of working.

At this early stage, we’ll have done our research. Potential issues will have been spotted, highlighted and dealt with ahead of time. You won’t get any nasty, expensive surprises further down the line.

We provide initial 2D architectural sketches to illustrate layout, plus full architectural drawing packages from which to build.

A 3D visualisation will allow you to walk through an accurate representation of the finished design.

… to completion

We can cover the entire project, right down to the final lick of paint. This will include:

  • Professional advice on eco-efficiency, natural light, fire regulations, health and safety
  • Reputable professional contractors for structural work
  • Co-ordinating all trades, ordering, on-site facilities
  • Overall project management

Time and cost savings

To save time, effort and costs, everyone involved in the project will be working from the same accurate, computer-generated model.

This simplifies the process. If there are revisions, they can be incorporated quickly and easily because every technical detail is right there, readily available and easily editable.

We’ll communicate with you throughout, so you won’t have to chase us up to ask what’s happening. We’ll have already kept you up to speed on progress.

Just show us the space and we’ll take it from there.