Shop fit out design is crucial. Great design brings in new customers, while poor design… They’ll just walk on by.

When we take on a retail fit-out project, the design will meet the brief, present a cohesive brand image and be eye-catching enough to attract custom.

Retail fit outs… From the drawing board onwards

It could be a listed building, a conservation area or a change of use. We’ve provided numerous shop fit-outs and office designs so we know exactly what’s required for a multi-element project.

Here’s what we can deliver:

  • Measured building survey & site survey
  • 2D architectural sketches and drawing packages
  • All necessary permissions and permits
  • 3D visualisations
  • Project management, all the way to the completed build.

Covering all the bases

When it comes to shop fitting, no one likes surprises. Unexpected spanners in the works can be expensive, and opening late is an embarrassment.

That’s why we cover all the bases at the design stage.

Years of experience in retail design mean that issues can be solved at the drawing board, before they become costly or time-consuming problems.

3D modelling

We’ll provide a computer-generated 3-D model within 1 month of our site survey.

From the start, everyone will be working from the same accurate model. All technical details such as dimensions and geometrics are readily available at their fingertips, simplifying the workflow and reducing the timeline of the project.

Project management

Acting as a single point of contact throughout, we’ll work alongside everyone involved in the project – from landlords to the local authority.

If you need trustworthy contractors, we can supply them – or we’ll work with your nominated contractors and suppliers.

You won’t have to wonder how it’s going. We’ll have already updated you, and we’ll keep in touch as regularly as clockwork all the way through the project.